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Microsoft Compliance Configuration Analyzer (MCCA)

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Microsoft has now released the MCCA on Github at the end of October and made it available to everyone. With this tool you can check your environment by snapshot.

What is the Microsoft Compliance Configuration Analyzer MCCA?

MCCA is a diagnostic tool that produces a report that helps tenants understand their current usage of compliance workloads. It identifies areas for improvement in a tenant’s compliance configurations in terms of compliance with data protection policies and recommends best practices to follow.

It is a PowerShell-based utility that retrieves your client’s current configurations and validates these configurations against Microsoft 365 recommended best practices. These best practices are based on a set of controls that include key regulations and standards for data protection and general data management.

MCCA Snapshot

In this release you will receive recommendations for 8 compliance solutions listed below. It is planned to add more solutions and richer recommendations in future versions of this tool.

GitHub des MCCA 


Powershell Gallery  des MCCA


###Modul install ###

Install-Module -Name MCCAPreview

### Modul loading ###

Import-Module -Name MCCAPreview

### Modul check ###


###Report ###


attention: 1. cmlet 2. Benutzername (GlobalAdmin) 3. password / MFA 4. Connect with EXO Module

Pfad of the Report

Here you see an example: 


Please print the report to an .pdf. 


Get-Help Get-MCCAReport




German one

Microsoft Compliance Configuration Analyzer (MCCA)


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