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Information Protection?!

Information protection is becoming increasingly important in many countries. This development shows that the higher degree of digitization also increases the need for protection. Some countries, including Germany, have enacted new laws (GeschGe) specifically designed to protect trade secrets.

The work of board members and management is also changing. Today it is normal to work with an iPad and an iPhone. The PC and laptop are increasingly receding into the background. Information and especially sensitive information must be available anytime and anywhere and thus be sensitively protected. A certain kind of governance is also inevitably part of it.

Labeling, classifying and encrypting information, especially in files and emails is a standard today. In addition, there are retention policies, regulations for collaboration with external parties and also monitoring is increasing. Today, many Information Protection Officers can see all files of a user and technically enforce their protection needs.

Ultimately, data protection also demands a certain degree of information security. This increases when transferring data from, for example, secure EU countries (GDPR) to the USA. As a result, other solutions such as gateways, APIs or local encryption software are increasingly being considered to protect information before it is uploaded to the cloud.

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Microsoft Information Protection Uservoice

In the following paragraph you can see the actual Uservoices and wishes of Users in Connection to Microsoft Information Protection. If you have an idea, feel free to add.

Microsoft Information Protection (MIP): Top (736 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Microsoft Office 365 (

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