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In the context of the introduction of new working methods and thus also new software, the works council must be involved in some points. On this website you will find interesting information for the works council, tips and tricks of cooperation and useful. 

Works council and co-determination with Microsoft 365 and Azure

typical challenges

  • Group works council vs. general works council – who is responsible? 
  • Which functions and products are subject to co-determination in Microsoft 365? 
  • Process of involving the works council
  • Use of Microsoft Teams for works council meetings
  • Support vs. monitoring 
  • Employee monitoring through Microsoft 365
  • Products (excerpt)
    • Reports
    • My Analytics
    • Workplace Analytics
    • Microsoft Viva
    • Delve

Works council in everyday work

The challenge in day-to-day work for the works council in connection with cloud computing and specifically also Microsoft 365 and Azure is that products and features change on a monthly basis. On top of that, technology is always evolving, so AI, AI and automation are finding their way into products more and more, and often can’t be turned off. 

The IT expertise of works councils must increase or good external consultants must be found, both of which are a major challenge because experts are few and far between in the market.

Furthermore, the IT department, steering committees, the data protection team and all works councils must be picked up and cooperation must grow. The IT department in particular is the first line of defense, so it is worthwhile as a works council to find a good connection here.

Important information for the works council in the context of Microsoft 365 and Azure.

In my knowledge base, I collect all the important information that you should and must know as a works council to do their job.

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