Microsoft Security and Compliance Toolkit

When we start to use Microsoft products in our company, we need to configure these for a compliant usage in areas like data privacy, information protection and local and international rules. The baseline are the Microsoft Baseline, which are compare in this Security and Compliance Toolkit. Content This Toolkit has the following configuration baseline for […]

The works council and Microsoft 365 in Germany

The works council must also be involved in the introduction and use of Microsoft 365. However, there are countless questions in this context, from the scope of co-determination to the works agreement and its effects The works council and Microsoft 365 According to prevailing opinion, the works council has a say in the introduction of […]

Microsoft EU Boundary FAQs

Microsoft publish a FAQ to the new EU Boundary Program, that has the target to bring the most of the data into the EU Borders. This FAQ will be a actual every month from the CELA team What exactly will change in 2022 from today?  A: Many of our Online Services already offer customers data storage for Customer […]

Microsoft six data privacy principals

Control: Putting you, the customer, in control of your privacy with easy-to-use tools and clear choices. Transparency: Being transparent about data collection and use so that everyone can make informed decisions. Security: Protecting the data that’s entrusted to Microsoft by using strong security and encryption. Strong legal protections: Respecting local privacy laws and fighting for […]

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