Apple M1 support for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

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Since this week the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint version 101.40.84 (or later) will natively support Apple ARM silicon. The newest version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac will be delivered to all Mac devices via the existing Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) channel.

hard facts

  • Native M1 support applies to macOS version 11 (Big Sur) and upcoming major macOS versions.
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac required version is 101.40.84 (or later).
  • Native M1 support will initially be offered to devices registered for “Beta” (formerly “InsiderFast”) and “Preview” (formerly “External”) Microsoft AutoUpdate channels. For more information, see Set preferences for Microsoft AutoUpdate.
  • Over the course of the next several weeks, this version will also reach Mac devices registered for “Current” (formerly “Production”) channel.



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