NEW Unified labeling scanner and client version

Scanner usage logging in the Windows event log

The unified labeling scanner now logs user activity to the local Windows event log.

For more information, see Usage logging for the Azure Information Protection scanner.

Scanner diagnostics tool improvements

With the upgrade to version, running the Start-AIPScannerDiagnostics cmdlet with the Verbose parameter prints the last 10 errors from the scanner log.

To print more or fewer errors, use the new VerboseErrorCount parameter to define the number of errors you want to print.

For more information, see Troubleshooting using the scanner diagnostic tool.

Improved scanner details output

The unified labeling on-premises scanner has improved outputs for the following cmdlets:

Get-AIPScannerStatusPreviously, running the Get-AIPScannerStatus command provided only high-level details of the scanner cluster status, without details per node in your cluster.

Now, you can use the NodesInfo variable and the Verbose parameter to drill down into additional levels of detail for each node.

For more information, see the Verify scanning details per scanner node and repository.
Get-AIPScannerConfigurationRunning the Get-AIPScannerConfiguration now provides details about the current scanner configuration in addition to the online configuration settings.

Updates for the scanner’s supported information types

Beginning with version, the following sensitive information types are not scanned by the unified labeling scanner.

If you have sensitivity labels that use these sensitive information types, we recommend that you remove them.

  • EU Phone Number
  • EU GPS Coordinates

Fixes and improvements

The following fixes were delivered in version of the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client and scanner:

What’s new in Azure Information Protection (AIP) – Version history & support policy | Microsoft Docs

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