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End of October 2020 Microsoft publish new recources:

Learning path/modulesRole/Level
Set up Microsoft Teams meetings for your organization (Learning Path – 3 Modules)Administrator/Intermediate
Deploy Teams phone systems with Direct Routing (Learning Path – 4 Modules)Administrator/Intermediate
Enforce security, privacy and compliance in Microsoft Teams (Learning Path – 8 Modules)Administrator/Intermediate
Design and configure Microsoft Teams Rooms (Learning Path – 4 Modules)Administrator/Intermediate
Manage calls in Microsoft Teams by using auto attendants and call queues (module)Administrator/Intermediate
Configure your network for M365 and Teams connectivity (Module)Administrator/Beginner
Navigate the Teams admin center (Module)Administrator/Beginner
Configure enterprise-grade security in Microsoft Teams (Module)Administrator/Intermediate
Configure enterprise-grade compliance in Microsoft Teams (Module)Administrator/Intermediate
Rollout Teams using Microsoft Advisor for Teams (Module)Administrator/Beginner
Configure Microsoft Teams meetings and calls for inclusion (Module)Administrator/Beginner
Onboard users to Microsoft Teams (Module)Administrator/Intermediate
How-to GuideAbstract
Identity, Access management & Threat Protection for TeamsLearn how to use Microsoft admin centers and PowerShell to configure access and identity policies and Enable Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for Teams
Managing Compliance in TeamsUse the Microsoft 365 Security, Microsoft 365 Compliance, and Microsoft Teams admin centers, as well as Windows PowerShell to manage and configure an Office 365 organization’s Microsoft Teams policies and settings.
Teams Advisor: Deploying chats, teams, channels and apps in Microsoft TeamsLearn how to leverage Teams advisor to assess your environment and build a plan for deploying chats, teams, channels and apps.
Streamlining Teams administration with PowerShell and dynamic groupsConvert an Office 365 group from static membership to dynamic and use Windows PowerShell to assign a new App permission policy to all members.
Managing Teams and Guest Access in the Microsoft Teams admin centerLearn how to configure and manage Microsoft Teams and guest access for your organization.
Configure Teams Phone System: Auto Attendant & Call QueueStep through the process of creating and deploying a Call Queue and Auto Attendant as part of Microsoft Teams calling using the Microsoft Teams admin center.
Configure Direct Routing: connecting SBCs and voice routingUse Microsoft Teams Phone System Direct Routing to integrate with your existing telephony infrastructure.
Configure Governance in Microsoft TeamsLearn how to create a Teams messaging retention policy for your organization and how to archive, delete and restore individual Teams
Configuring and deploying Microsoft Teams meetingsStep through the process of deploying the meetings workload for Microsoft Teams.
Configure Audio Conferencing for Microsoft TeamsDiscover the capabilities of Audio Conferencing in Teams and learn how to assign conference bridges and dial-in phone numbers.
Configuring Microsoft Teams for Firstline WorkersLearn how to configure and deploy the right Microsoft Teams environment for your Firstline Workforce.

Source: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/new-training-resources-for-microsoft-teams-admins-and-it-pros-on/ba-p/1821182?WT.mc_id=AZ-MVP-5001832&fbclid=IwAR1UaWIHonWt5db_4P8LmkTTQZxBWHnXYPQufWkrbRaIcq5vP4W0NYd7Lxo


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