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Multi-User Account Usage of the Microsoft Desktop Client

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Since mid-2018, the Microsoft Teams Client App on Android and iOS has been allowing users to switch between several Microsoft Teams accounts, both Business (AAD) and Consumer (MS-ID / since July 2020). For the desktop client you had to get along with different Edge Profiles and the use of the WebApp to use several accounts in parallel. This now has an end.


Initially, Microsoft Teams Clients could only be used with one account. This was also completely feasible at first. 

User Voice and Roadmap

A uservoice was the reason for the very big wish to have the function of mobile clients on the desktop client as well. Uservoice received over 28,000 votes. This is still on “Working on it”, so that the functions are not yet ready. The engineering team is still working on it.

Now the roadmap has also been updated, announcing a release date for December 2020.

How does it work? 

Similar to the mobile app you can switch between the accounts. For the rollout up to 3 business accounts and 2 consumer accounts are supported at first. When using the app, another function is now possible and added, Cross Tenant Notifications. Unfortunately, meetings and phone calls cannot be taken along yet, but the developers are already working on that. 

Teams Client -> round user picture -> Accounts & Organizations -> select user/organization

The Multi Account feature 

Desktop Client: Windows & Mac (Linux currently not)
Mobile: iOS and Android (no Windows Phone)
3 Business Account and 2 Consumer Accounts can be integrated (maximum) // initially in step 1: 1 Business 1 Consumer 
Intune policy can be used to prevent multiple accounts from being included



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