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Trainable Classifiers

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The 23 new TCs are now available for:

  1. Data discovery/default classification in Content Explorer
  2. Sensitivity auto-labeling
  3. Data Loss Prevention policies for SPO, ODB, Teams and Endpoint
  4. Retention auto-labeling

The new TCs are:

  1. Financial Statement
  2. Paystub
  3. Bank Statement
  4. Employment Agreement
  5. Employee disciplinary action files
  6. M&A Files
  7. Loan Agreements and offer letters
  8. Manufacturing batch records
  9. Construction specifications
  10. Project Documents
  11. Network Design files
  12. Software Product Development Files
  13. Financial Audit Reports
  14. Employee Insurance Files
  15. Health/Medical forms
  16. Budget
  17. Business Plan
  18. Meeting Notes
  19. Invoice
  20. Quotation
  21. Statement of Work
  22. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  23. License Agreement

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