Microsoft 365 privacy management is general available

Microsoft publish Yesterday on 20. October 2021 the new privacy management for Microsoft 365.

License requirement

  • Privacy Management solution is available to all (E1/E3/E5) without no additional costs
  • 90-day trail SKUs for both Privacy Management risk and subject rights requests module to allow customers to try before buy
  • Trail SKUs available to E1/E3/E5 customers


Privacy Management for Microsoft 365 allows organizations to

  1. Identify critical privacy risks and conflicts
  2. Automate privacy operations and respond to subject rights requests
  3. Empower employees to make smart data handling decisions


Youtube Video

Anouncement Post

Data Privacy at Microsoft

Brad Smith on Twitter

Julie Brill posted on LinkedIn on 19.10.2021

Microsoft has the unique advantage of sitting at the center of the data economy, allowing us to see firsthand how complex it can be for our customers to stay ahead of their obligations in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Addressing the needs of our customers will be greatly aided by policymakers and governments that take action on their important conversations around responsible data use. We need durable guardrails on data use.

At the same time, we equally need industry innovation and tools that better protect data and help organizations manage their compliance. 

At Microsoft, we will continue to invest in the solutions and tools our customers need to help them succeed in today’s environment.

Today, we are announcing some exciting progress that I am eager to share. We are launching a new Privacy Management for Microsoft 365 solution designed to help organizations manage their regulatory responsibilities, simplify privacy management by proactively identifying and mitigating privacy risks, and build privacy-resilient workplaces. This new solution comes on top of our recently-launched Azure Purview, which provides a unified data governance solution to help our customers maximize the value of their on-premises, multicloud, and software as a service (SaaS) data. 

I’m proud of these innovations and the benefit they will provide our customers as they work to stay ahead of incoming regulation and become better stewards of the data they store, use and process. We will continue to learn from our customers and listen to the direction of our policymakers to help develop tools and solutions to enable our customers and partners to do their best work.

Congrats to all our teams involved in this new, exciting launch!”

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