Global Security and Compliance Conference 2022 – Registration startet

We are very happy to announce some weeks before the new conference dates: 14 and 15 June 2022 at the Microsoft Office Cologne. In this step we are happy to announce the first speaker and the Agenda (Sessions are following in the next days). Registration: (online or inperson at Microsoft Office Cologne) Agenda: […]

Google + EU-US Data Transfer Update

DS Netherland – against the use of Google Analytics DS Austria – against the use of Google Analytics Both state data protection authorities criticize the transfer of data to the USA and confirm that the standard contractual clauses are not sufficient to safeguard this. The use of Google Analytics is thus prohibited in […]

CISA – new Cybersecurity Incident & Vulnerability Response Playbooks

The CISA publish in these days the new Cybersecurity Incident and Vulnerability Repsonse Playbooks. These 43 pages document has 4 huge topics and was released November 2021. It can help the organization to create defent strategies and Playbooks. Download

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 add to M365 E3 + A3 for free

Microsoft Defender for EndPoint Plan 1 What can you expect from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1? Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 is focused on prevention/EPP including: Next-generation antimalware that is cloud-based with built-in AI that helps to stop ransomware, known and unknown malware, and other threats in their tracks. Attack surface reduction capabilities that harden the device, prevent zero […]

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