New documents including new Subprocessor list at Microsoft Trust Center

It is important to know who, in addition to Microsoft, will act as a subcontractor for Microsoft. A new list will be published from time to time and other documents have also been updated:

Updates fromJune to July 2020 

Microsoft Online Services Subprocessors List

Microsoft Managed Desktop – data storage, usage, and security practices (2020-07-29)

Microsoft Cloud- Enabling Compliance – Microsoft’s approach to the updated FCA cloud guidance- June 2020.pdf

Exit Planning for Microsoft Cloud Services.pdf

20200722 – Azure Reg SCI Assessment.pdf


and here are the list


The following were added on 31 July 2020

Subprocessors that provide technologies to power certain Microsoft Online Services

Subprocessor Service Provided Corporate Location
BitDefender Microsoft Defender ATP for Android Romania Customer Data, Pseudonymous
Cloud Simple Azure VMware Solution by Cloudware United States Customer Data, Pseudonymous

Subprocessors that provide additional services to support Microsoft Online Services

Subprocessor Service Provided Corporate Location
Adjust Inc Teams, Outlook United States Pseudonymous
Amplitude MyAnalytics United States Pseudonymous
Snowflake Inc Yammer, PlayFab United States Pseudonymous


Subprocessors that provide contract staff

Subprocessor Corporate Location
Apex Systems Inc United States Pseudonymous
Beyond Soft China Pseudonymous
DXC Technology Company United States Pseudonymous
E-Search Doo Beogard Serbia Pseudonymous, Customer Data
Hi-Tech Talents United States Pseudonymous
Latent View Analytics United States Pseudonymous
Mu Sigma Inc. United States Pseudonymous
Teleion Consulting LLC United States Pseudonymous


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