Update Retention Policy and SharePoint Sites

From middle of April to middle of May Microsoft will update the experiance of SharePoint Sites after deactivating or deletion of Retention Policies for SharePoint Sites. In this situation it´s important to update the documentation.

Microsoft Documentation: Releasing a policy for retention

Providing your policies for retention don’t have a Preservation Lock, you can delete your policies at any time, which effectively turns off the previously applied retention settings. You can also keep the policy, but remove a site for SharePoint or an account for OneDrive, or change the location status to off, or disable the policy.

When you do any of these actions, any SharePoint or OneDrive content that’s subject to retention from the policy continues to be retained for 30 days to prevent inadvertent data loss. During this 30-day grace period, you can’t delete the site, deleted files are still retained (files continue to be added to the Preservation Hold library), but the timer job that periodically cleans up the Preservation Hold library is suspended for these files so you can restore them if necessary.

For more information about the Preservation Hold library, see How retention works for SharePoint and OneDrive.

Because of the behavior during the grace period, if you re-enable the policy or change the location status back to on within 30 days, the policy resumes without any permanent data loss during this time.

Admincenter message

Microsoft Information Governance – Update to retention policies for SharePoint site collections
We’re updating the behavior of SharePoint sites which have been released from a retention policy. Today as documented, sites which are removed from a retention policy continue to retain data and prevent any deletion of the site for 30 days to prevent inadvertent data loss. Going forward, when a site is removed from a policy or the policy is disabled or deleted, the site will be allowed to be deleted and moved to the recycle bin, however all other behaviors for data preservation will remain the same, all data preserved in the Preservation Hold Library continue to stay there and any files deleted will be continued to be preserved for the 30 days following this change.

This will enable scenarios where the site no longer needs to be under policy and needs to be disposed of immediately.When this will happenThis change will begin rolling out in mid-April and expect to be complete by mid-May.How this will affect your organization

Going forward you will be able to delete site collections which have just been released from a retention policy if you choose to do so. What you need to do to prepareYou may want to update your Compliance administrators and SharePoint administrators so they are aware of this change as well as update any training materials.

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