Enforce granular Conditional Access policies per SharePoint site

Welcome to the new and exciting public preview feature to control Conditional Access policies per SharePoint site. This feature allow you enforce more stringent access conditions when users access SharePoint sites that have Sensitivity label applied. These more stringent access conditions are enforced when you select a new feature called authentication contextthat has been created […]

NEW Unified labeling scanner and client version

Scanner usage logging in the Windows event log The unified labeling scanner now logs user activity to the local Windows event log. For more information, see Usage logging for the Azure Information Protection scanner. Scanner diagnostics tool improvements With the upgrade to version, running the Start-AIPScannerDiagnostics cmdlet with the Verbose parameter prints the last 10 errors from the scanner […]

Microsoft Information Protection & Data Loss Prevention customer feature surveys

Now it´s your chance to give feedback to the product group! Use the links below and answer the questions: • Microsoft Information Governance and Records Management: https://aka.ms/MIPC/MIG21H2-FeatureSurvey • Microsoft Information Protection: https://aka.ms/MIPC/MIP21H2-FeatureSurvey • Data Loss Prevention: https://aka.ms/MIPC/DLP21H2-FeatureSurvey • Advanced eDiscovery: https://aka.ms/MIPC/AED21H2-FeatureSurvey • Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance: https://aka.ms/MIPC/IRCC21H2-FeatureSurvey

New Microsoft Cloud Compendium December 2020

Microsoft has published a new version of the Cloud Compendium as of December 2020. This is prepared by CELA, Microsoft’s legal department. This new compendium contains relevant information on new events such as the Eugh ruling Schrems 2 and information on the Cloud Act Microsoft veröffentlicht neues Cloud Compendium – RaKöllner (rakoellner.de) Content to what […]

Welcome to Brazil Microsoft 365

Microsoft is creating more and more local datacenter for Microsoft 365. In this Region the user can use SharePoint, Exchange and Microsoft Teams out of the local data center. In addition, Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo will be available from the new Brazil geography by Q1 of 2021.  Microsoft Blogpost https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2020/11/18/microsoft-365-now-available-from-new-brazil-geography/ “Microsoft 365 is now available for organizations and […]

Microsoft with new strong commitment to privacy in Europe and new measures and addendum

In recent months, there has been and still is an increasing number of discussions about data protection and privacy-friendly use of Microsoft 365 and Azure. This discussion has not only increased due to the Schrems 2 ruling on July 16, 2020, but also due to checklists and statements by the European Data Protection Board. Microsoft […]

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